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    Have “Just Average” Credit? You Can Still Get A Mortgage

    According to Time Magazine, the average credit scores in the US as of April 2017 are: 652 for people ages 18 – 29 671 for people ages 30 – 39 685 for people ages 40 – 49 709 for people ages 50 – 59 743 for people ages 60+ And without taking age into account, […]

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    Thinking About Selling?

    There’s a decent amount of debate in the real estate community about what, exactly, is the best time to sell—but according to recent research from Zillow, if you’re thinking about listing your home, the time to make a move is right around the corner. In the article, Zillow claims the best time of year to […]

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    Having A Hard Time Finding A Home?

    It’s a seller’s market with less inventory than in previous years.  As those buyers that have been renting get back into the market, homes are selling faster.  Depending on the location, price, features and presentation of the home, it is not unheard of for it to go under contract within 2 to 3 days.  Buyers […]

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    Good Bones!

    The home that has “good bones” is a home that is solidly built, but has opportunities mainly on the interior.  It’s a home that you can take and build on its good qualities.  It may be located in a neighborhood where other owners have taken good care of their homes and the potential is there.  […]

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    Your Credit

    The 3 credit reporting agencies are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.  For a real estate mortgage, there would be a tri-merge or credit score average from all 3 for your score.  There are factors that affect your score such as serious delinquency, too many accounts with balances, too many inquiries in the last 12 months, number […]

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